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Brown Suede Laser Cut Box with Wedding Invitation Booklet

550.00 450.00
Brown Suede Square Box size 9.5″ X 9.5″ Decorated with Laser Cut Golden Brush Vinyl Design for Brass Look in the center Bride and Groom Name Laser Logo. When You Open the Box there is Satin Crushing MDF Tray to hold the wedding Booklet for Invitations and bottom there is Sweet Area. You Can Have Roasted butterscotch Almonds.

Indian Doli Wedding Invitation

1,650.00 1,350.00
Indian Doli Wedding Invitation or Palki Invitation. The traditional concept of  Vidai in Wedding Card Excellent Theme Design. MDF Box fabricated with Shaneel all over MDF Laser Cutting Design with Bride and Groom Logo. For Wedding Wordings, Laser Inserts is Used.  

Indian Traditional Golden Scroll Box Invitation

1,150.00 750.00
Indian Traditional Golden Scroll Box Invitation. The traditional Indian concept for an invitation. MDF box with Shaneel and brocade Covering Beautify with Laser Cutting with Bride and Groom Initials when u open the box you will see Front with Full Laser Jali and for main Invitation, Golden Plastic Scroll Designed & for Extra Events Laser Cutting Inserts is Placed on an acrylic, inside you will find fragrance Potpuris and Left Portion for Sweets or Gift…

Mandir Wedding Invitation With Video Screen

7,500.00 5,100.00
Mandir Wedding Invitation with Video Screen is the best concept to invite your Special Guests. Bride or Groom Family Love to give Special Card to the main guest. The concept is Design while keeping Indian traditional in our wedding invitation. Ganesha Murti With bell is used when u open the box and in Top, Flap Video Screen is used for a personal Invitation by Recording your own video you can add your pre-wedding videos also…

Queen Crown Brooch Box with Chocolate floral theme silk box

540.00 450.00
Queen Crown Brooch Box is created in a raw silk red color with floral theme when you open the box you will see laser MDF insert for main invitation and left and right flaps are used to hold extra event when you take main invite there will be space for chocolates.